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Bittersweet (2002)

Duration: 43 / 26 Minutes
Format: DV / Digital Betacam
Language versions: English, German, Spanish

Media Award of the German Geographical Society (2003)

Media Award of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (2003)


The documentary film "Bittersweet" looks at how the world market for sugar functions. It investigates how the lives of European and third world farmers are linked through global trade in sugar and alternative sweeteners. It looks at how bio and gene technology could affect farmers around the world through the development of new sugar substitutes in the near future. The film has been shot on locations in Germany, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Mexico and France.


Director: Christoph Corves
Camera: Christoph Corves, Frank Clausen
Editing: Christoph Corves
Music: Titus Vollmer

Funded by: MSH Gesellschaft zur Förderung audiovisueller Werke in Schleswig-Holstein mbH, European Commission Directorate General for Development, Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst (EED), Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)


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